Digital Display Unit for Elecraft's KPA1500 Amplifier


Displays the same display as is on the KPA1500 Amplifier 

Change the display on the KPA1500 and the DDU changes

Display Unit can be located at a more visible location

Up to the RS232 limit from KPA1500 unit

Easy to read 2 line display
No USB or serial cable to computer
No com port in Windows to manage
No computer needed
Simply connect the SUPPLIED dc power cable (with inline on/off switch) from the DDU to power supply and SUPPLIED XCVR SERIAL data jumper cable to the KPA1500 from the DDU
Retains all functions of the KPA1500 front panel
All displayed info obtained directly from the KPA1500

Only 4" x 4" x 2"


Please note that my DDU uses the XCVR SERIAL port when in use