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Digital Displays:

Digital Display Unit for either Elecraft's KPA1500 or KPA500 amplifier:
Allows you to place a display at you operating position!
Place the display next to your radio or computer monitor
making it very easy to watch several real time stats.
Instead of seeing only some of the crucial readings, monitor 7 at the same time.
1. Power amplifier's heat sink temperature Making sure the fans are keeping the
temperature at a safe level.
2. Power amplifier's high voltage supply voltage Checking to make sure PA voltage
doesn't drop below required level.
3. Power amplifier's current making sure it's below safe level
4. Power amplifier's output power at the amp not somewhere on the coax cable
5. SWR that the amp sees at its output at the amp not somewhere on the coax line
6. Displays Operate/Standby mode Keep a check on mode so you don't key the amp unexpectedly
7. Displays Band amp is tuned to making sure amp and radio are on the same band
100's sold!

Elecraft's KXPA100 amplifier:

Don't wait for a fault light to come on. Keep an eye on 5 crucial readings at all times.
1. Power amplifier's heat sink temperature
2. Power amplifier's high voltage supply voltage
3. Power amplifier's current
4. Power amplifier's output power
5. SWR that the KXPA100 sees at its output

Elecraft's amps not included.

Digital Display Unit for Elecraft W2 watt meter

This easy to install display unit* takes the guess work out of your LED lights
Easy to read 2 line display
No USB or serial cable to computer
No com port in Windows to manage
No computer needed
Plug and Play
Simply connect the SUPPLIED dc power splitter and PC data jumper cable
Retains all functions from the W2 front panel
All displayed info obtained directly from the W2
4" x 4" x 2"


Elecraft W2 watt meter not included.

Latest reveiws from lu...ever  "Beautiful well made piece, nice addition to W2, arrived super fast,thanks "
From dr...fer  "The W2 wattmeter  needed this display – thank you for making it."

*Elecraft W2 watt meter not included!                                                                                                                                                       Questions email: [email protected]

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