Digital Display Unit for Elecraft W2 watt meter


This easy to install display unit* takes the guess work out of your LED lights

Easy to read 2 line display

No USB or serial cable to computer
No com port in Windows to manage
No computer needed

Plug and Play
Simply connect the SUPPLIED dc power splitter and PC data jumper cable
Retains all functions from the W2 front panel
All displayed info obtained directly from the W2


W2 Digital Display Unit Installation Instructions:

1. Turn power off to your Elecraft W2 watt meter.
2. Remove power lead from the W2 watt meter.
3. Connect one of the female leads of the Y-Jumper cable to the W2 watt meter.
4. Connect the other female lead of the Y-Jumper cable to the Digital Display Unit.
5. Connect the phone jumper cable to the "PC DATA" jack on the W2 watt meter.
6. Connect the other end to the Digital Display Unit.
7. Connect the power lead you removed from the W2 watt meter to the Y-Jumper cable.
8. Check all connections.
9. Apply power to your W2 watt meter.
I have designed the Digital Display Unit to power up with the W2 watt meter that
has the auto power on jumper installed. If you do not have this feature enabled,
you will need to power on the W2 watt meter as soon as power is applied.
The processor in the Digital Display Unit may time out after a short time if it
does not see the W2 watt meter.
If this happens you will need to remove power from the the W2 watt meter. Apply
power again and turn on the W2 watt meter as soon as power is applied.
I recommend installing the auto power jumper inside the W2 watt meter. Information
for doing this is on the Elecraft web site.

*Elecraft W2 watt meter not included